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真正大師不是擁有最多學生的人, 而是協助最多人成為大師的人.

Many of us are curious about our future and success in our lives. We are curious about our destiny and many of us hope to know more about it. However, many of us are not sure about how to unveil this mystery and are just living through life and we only realize our destiny when we become old.

We strongly believe that destiny is the result of predestined affinity and learning to apply correctly the Feng Shui and Destiny techniques will help one to enhance our harmony and enable us to have a better destiny.

Character & Destiny Co-Relationship

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The ancient Chinese culture and thinking fascinated me a lot during my younger days and still is today. I chanced upon a Chinese ancient text called I-Ching ( or Yi Jing in Han Yu Pin Yin ) aka Book of Changes in the western speaking world. The texts therein are filled with poetic phrases where I tried to read and understand it. Despite my full enthusiasm initially, I was totally confused after reading it, The word, or rather the Chinese characters don't seem to make any sense to me at all. Then I tried to decipher the ancient pictorials in it to derive its imagery meanings and attempted to link to the present day relevance. But still I was unable to comprehend its relevance.

Then one day, I met a monk by chance and took the opportunity to ask him about this subject on I-Ching ( aka Book of Changes ). He said to me that this system of hexagrams ( a set of six lines of either unbroken line or broken line ) which most people called Book of Change ( or I-Ching ) was one of the first great successes in ancient man's attempt to find the laws which regulate all phenomena. Most significant was the discovery that the laws of Nature are also the laws of humanity and that since Nature and humanity are one, harmony is the key to life. He further explained that this conclusion was drawn after long internal and external searching which revealed the balanced way of life as the fundamental path.

I started visiting him more often thereafter to seek his guidance on self-cultivation to achieve harmony and to understand the Great Nature at work which the Book of Changes had long time ago captured the profound essence of the laws of nature and humanity, in short, Ancient Wisdom in it. That explained why the classic Chinese texts seemed "outdated and cryptic" to me when I first read it.

As time goes by, I learned that one can never finish reading the Book of Changes ( or I-Ching ). Why it is so ?  For example, when I have a question in mind, I needed some guidance, I will consult the relevant sections of the book to seek out some "direction" and also complemented by the "homework" that I have done pertaining to the issue at hand. The insights never failed to amaze me.  Interestingly, over time, when I faced another issue, I could be referring back to the same sections as the current issues can be totally different from the previous ones, the insightful guidance suggested certainly enlightened me a great deal and helped me to find subtle harmony within me. Thus, the Book of Changes ( I-Ching ) will always be a treasured companion and a good & trusted "invisible advisor" when I needed it which stand the test of time.

From there, I started exploring into the main stream interests in the Chinese Metaphysics Field where all its foundational roots go back to the Book of Changes ( I-Ching ). The list can go on and on, but here is a brief listing to illustrate my scope of interest that I have expanded upon since I found the Book of Changes.

They are : Feng Shui aka Geomany aka 'Wind and Water'', Eight Characters DNA Analysis aka Four Pillars of Destiny aka Bazi, Xuan Kong Flying Stars, Hexagram Feng Shui ( Xuan Kong Da Gua ), Burial ( Yin ) Feng Shui, Six Methods Feng Shui ( aka Liu Fa ), Purple Star Astrology ( Zi Wei Dou Shu ), Palmistry, Face Facing, Mysterious Gate Escaping Technique ( Qi Men Dun Jia ), Liu Ren, Tai Yi, Various Auspicious Personal & Feng Shui Date Selection Methods including special techniques to enhance wealth being and many more...

The overgrown human population, combined with modern city life, obscures the significance of nature in the lives of people today. Great Nature, however, always remains the true source of human life. To restore our understanding of this integral truth, we can use the line system ( Hexagram ) of the Book of Changes to study the way in which people and events develop.

Only when one rediscover the usefulness of a natural life, one shall again learn to love Nature. Because our answers in life lie in the Great Nature and its environment.We will also learn that it is dangerous to violate our own nature, the subtle level of the natural order and natural environment. We must learn to approach these ancient methods of integration with an appreciation for what they are : simple, non-coercive guidelines for harmonizing human nature with the unspoiled, Great Nature.

Over time, I will share my years of accumulated experiences and insights from a Chinese Metaphysical perspectives with my readers so that more people could benefit from it as I believe that Sharing with others is learning Twice for me and also welcome constructive feedback from my readers and encourage you to share your experiences either from your well-informed background of Chinese Metaphysics or from a totally newbie's viewpoint. No views are too insignificant where the learning journey is a life-long process.

May The Auspicious Qi Be With YOU Always !

Garrett Lee
Ancient Feng Shui

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