Destiny Analysis

Why Destiny Analysis... ?


Chinese Destiny Analysis is a form of astrology where its technique involves the translation of the person's birth date and time. According to ancient Chinese, there are five factors which purport to determine our fate and fortune. They are :


  • Destiny
  • - What one is born with, one's inherent attributes, one's DNA.
  • Luck
  • - Which appears during the various stages of one's life
  • Feng Shui
  • - remedial steps to enhance one's fortune or alleviate the severity of misfortune
  • Our Virtues
  • - philanthropic, attitudes, philosophy in life, and deeds towards mankind
  • Education
  • - exposure and experience, insights in life from which we can draw wisdom and be enlightened as to why things happened as they are


To seek Destiny Analysis is to become more knowledgeable and will allow one not to be easily influenced by superstitions or predictions based merely on the year element (zodiac signs alone).

To serve as a guideline for decision making as in determining whether one is presently in good or not-so-good luck. For example, if one is in good luck, chances are that one will make decisions that will benefit themselves handsomely. Such as taking on investments with greater risks and enjoyed huge returns almost effortlessly. However, when one's luck is against it, exercise greater caution and avoid heavy financial commitment and beware of health matters.

Also, when one is at the crossroads in our career, relationships, wealth matters, such prior knowledge can help guide our decisions if we are already been informed about such potential scenarios and take early actions to either minimise its impact or avert it altogether.

If the above scenarios are what is in your mind and you need professional guidance on the way forward, do contact us for assistance and/or at least to put your mind at ease so that you will have more time to deal with the issues and challenges that are in store for you and also when is your likely breakthrough that you have been wanting to know.

Ancient Feng Shui

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