Auspicious Date Selection

Auspicious Date Selection

A Wide Range of Auspicious Date Selection Services are available to meet different clients' requirements.  E.g. Pick a Good Day to Launch New Products, Embark on New Ventures & Projects, Opening Ceremony and many other types of events and occasions.

甲, 乙, 丙, 丁, 戊, 已, 庚, 辛, 壬, 癸

Chinese Almanac

子, 丑, 寅, 卯, 辰, 巳, 午, 未, 申, 酉, 戌, 亥

Annual Chinese Almanac

Do contact us on any special or important events you will be embarking on and require an auspicious date and time to implement it.

Ancient Feng Shui

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