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Despite being as old as civilization itself, palmistry has been obscured by more myths, mumbo-jumbo and superstition than almost any other subject on earth.

The legacy of chiromancy ( which means to predict the future from markings on the palm or from any natural signs), has obscured the astonishing potential of palmistry as a tool for self-development. The idea that one's fate is fixed is a legacy of medieval life-view. One which undermines an individual's sense of responsibility and diminishes the power they have over their lives.

Modern palmistry is often known as 'chirology', which is from the Greek for hand study'. Chirology is associated with a more enlightened approach to the art, performing in-depth, non-predictive palm analysis for self-understanding. This perspective has presented strong correlations between hand features and psychological disposition, genetic illness, sexual attractiveness, even the likeliness of success in different field of endeavours.

The number of those that practise palmistry however is relatively few. The reason for this is because the subject has traditionally been difficult to master. However, if one knows the appropriate method of learning it, one will be up to speed to achievement in a fairly short time and build upon the learning layers as you gained more practical experience.

Let's get a few facts straight. The lines of the palm are not fixed forever. They change over time. It goes with saying then, that if you are going to make predictions based on palm's lines, you are not going to get accurate results. No one can tell you your future through palmistry by looking at your hand. No pot of golds or dark shadows lurking are marked on it. For example, it is impossible to tell the cities you have visited or your favourite food.

Having said all that, it may be possible to intuit these things, and there is no doubt that looking into people's souls through the window of the hands will bring out your latent intuitive facilities. Right from the beginning, with no assistance from psychic sources, you can quickly acquire the skill to amaze, the insight to bring change, the wisdom to enlighten and empower yourself and those around you.

Over time I will share my accumulated insights, ideas and tips on palmistry. For now, do enjoy these free video lessons..

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