Chinese Metaphysics Basics

Ancient Feng Shui - Chinese Metaphysics Basics

Under Chinese Metaphysics Basics, the foundational concepts and principles are :

a)  Concept of Emptiness or Nothingness
b)  Yin-Yang Evolution
c)  Four Phenomena
d)  Eight Trigrams & its familial relationship & associated attributes
e)  Early Heaven Ba-Gua Arrangement
f)   Later Heaven Ba-Gua Arrangement
g)  Middle Heaven Ba-Gua Arrangement
h)  Annual Influence and Afflictions
i)   Auspicious Qi and Inauspicious Qi and its imfluence on one's well-being.
j)   Heaven-Earth-Human Cosmic Trinity
k)  Destiny, Luck, Feng Shui, Charity/Kindness and Education
l)   And many more...

Ancient Feng Shui

1 Liu Shi Jia Zi Fen Jin Fa
2 Liu Yao Feng Shui
3 Eight Basic Trigrams – Ba Gua
4 Yin-Yang Principles
5 Feng Shui or Kanyu
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