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How Yi Jing ( Book of Changes ) comes about...

No one knows neither when exactly the Yi Jing was written nor whether it was the work of a single author or a particular school of tradition. Its roots go back thousands of years to a time when the sages of ancient China began to try to find ways of describing and understanding the universe.

If they could understand the underlying patterns that exist in the universe, then they could begin to predict how those patterns would evolve and hence could begin to crudely predict the future, a skill which humankind has sought since birth.

The sages began to perceive the world about them as an ever-changing flow of energies. The seasons, the weather, their own growth all seemed to follow a pattern that they regarded as the products of two, primodial forces : yin and yang. There were many ways of describing these factors – here are a few : yin is passive, weak, dark, soft and feminine; yang is active. strong, light, hard and macusline. I should state clearly at this point that weakness and passiveness are not considered to be negative or inferior character traits or attributes, but are words used to describe transient states of being.

Garrett Lee
Ancient Feng Shui


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