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Mysterious Gates Escaping Technique

From Appreciation to Practitioner Stage

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“Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself;

Hundred Battles, Hundred Victories!”

Sun Tzu

“ 为将而,  不通天文, 不识地利,  不知奇门, 不晓阴阳, 不看阵图, 不明兵势, 是庸才也.   ”

-       An Ancient Wisdom

“As will rather beyond the barriers of astronomical reasons, beyond geographical boundary, do not know Qi Men, do not know Yin and Yang, do not look at the position chart, do not understand military situation, is only mediocre.”

“The Qi Men Dun Jia Course Worth Waiting For….

You Shall NOW Be Amazed….”

Due to the strong popular requests from serious readers and practitioners alike after the launch of the First English language book on Qi Men Dun JiaAn Introduction to Mysterious Gates Escaping Technique: Secret Luck of Time & Space Book at the 8th International Feng Shui Convention in November 2011 at Resorts World Convention Centre, Singapore, the main author is pleased to announce new seminar schedules to conduct Qi Men Dun Jia Courses at different levels of competency for the upcoming quarter at different locations.

Qi Men Dun Jia Courses Outlines

From Appreciation To Practitioner Stage

Ancient Wisdom Consulting Presents

Qi Men Dun Jia Appreciation Course


Level One: Advanced Foundation

This foundational level is suitable for participants who want to have an appreciation of this ancient QMDJ technique and its basic relevance to modern daily lives usage and its potency to provide an early perspective of a probable future outcome, forecasted situation and its associated circumstances including some level of understanding of how the 1080 Yin-Yang charts are constructed, QMDJ Calendar system plus simple application approach.

Level Two: Methodology & Application

This level is designed to build on the participants’ prior advanced foundation level and to allow them to go deeper into the understanding of various methods of approaching current and/or future situations or circumstances and its insightful daily lives applications. Plus gained deeper insights into the 1080 Yin-Yang charts, profiles, structures and other QMDJ information.


Qi Men Dun Jia Proficiency Course

(Only For Participants Who Have Successfully Completed Level One & Two)

Level Three: Advanced Concepts, Techniques & Application

This level is designed to meet the needs of the participants who have attended level one and level two and passionately wished to gain higher level of proficiency and competency into QMDJ advanced concepts, techniques and its multiple application perspectives to integrate into other Chinese Metaphysics systems to enhance its effectiveness in terms of Time and Space.


Qi Men Dun Jia Practitioner Course

(By Invitation Only)

Level Four: QMDJ Practitioner

This level is to provide the potential QMDJ practitioner with valuable practical insights of the numerous applications of Qi Men Dun Jia circumstances with Intensive Case Studies to achieve mastery status plus the rare opportunity to gain from the founder’s reservoir of research findings and practical experiences.


Specially Arranged Private Schedules Available

Other public available schedules will be announced in due course. In view of very special requests, privately arranged power coaching sessions are available for small select group of participants WHO DO NOT WISH TO BE SEEN IN THE GENERAL PUBLIC VIEW due to very unique personal/professional reasons. Private Schedules could be arranged on a mutually agreed dates and time with the main author.

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