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Ancient Feng Shui
{Chinese Metaphysics Research Institute}

My Chinese Metaphysics aka Feng Shui & Destiny Research Interests dated back to some 25 years now.

Prosperous Hearts, Prosperous Lives, Prosperity Forever !

Smooth Sailing In All Important Aspects In Life

While climbing the corporate ladder to meet my senior management goals, I still manage to find time to pursue my passion in Chinese Metaphysics Studies & Research.

It has been a long  journey since I started but enjoyed the mythical nature and yet scientifically supported findings during the course of my pursuit in Chinese Metaphysics.

It is amazing when you see the power of Feng Shui & Destiny at work. This is especially so when the Cosmic Trinity ( Heaven-Earth-Human ) meet. Though there are challenges along the way but the outcomes are highly rewarding for me professionally and personally.

Having experienced the success and challenges of corporate business management through using a combination of Feng Shui / Destiny Methods & Techniques and Business Strategy best practices to meet my business management goals, I have decided some years ago to take my passion in Chinese Metaphysics to the next level and setup my own consultancy specialising in Feng Shui & Business Strategy.

Drawing upon my wealth of experience in corporate management, I will continue to add value to my clients’ successes incorporating my continuing research in Chinese Metaphysics to bring harmony back to their life, business/career and family.

Garrett Lee
Founder & Principal Researcher/Consultant
Ancient Feng Shui
C/O Ancient Wisdom Consulting

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