Burial Feng Shui ( Yin Feng Shui )

Burial Feng Shui ( Yin Feng Shui ) - Selection of Most Auspicious Site and Direction

Besides identifying the appropriate auspicious landforms suitable for the grave site, the correct orientation is equally important when choosing the auspicious meridian spot for the burial to take place.The orientation of the body will determine the appropriate direction typically pointing towards an auspicious direction which can affect the different family members. Certain orientations which corresponds with different trigrams and hexagrams can help certain members of the family much more than the rest of the members under consideration.

Chinese Compass - Auspicious Reading Identified

Though applying Early Heaven Ba Gua and Later Heaven Ba Gua concepts are essentially important principles, Middle Heaven Ba Gua is another important concept yet lesser known to many modern practitioners. It is like after finding a good feng shui site and an auspicious date, but do not know who will benefit from the auspicious qi and renders a "neutral effect" to the occupants.Thus, besides good land forms, the precise orientation of the tombstones in correct timing can bring about optimal effect. But wrong bearing will bring about catastrophic results, even the generally "direction is correct". This is of paramount importance.

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That is why sometimes you may learn that certain children of the deceased will do well and enjoy good prosperity while some children will not do well and probably in financial struggle after the tomb is set. Just like people will chose auspicious time to hold wedding and conception. It is also equally important that an auspicious time is chosen for burial which in turn will benefit the living descendants.


Some of the dos and donts on the tomb's physical structures are :

a) Do not erect wall or fence with a closing gate; it will lead legal entanglement and prison terms.

b) Do not cement up the whole tomb but instead plant grass on top of it, if not, it will lead to skin diseases or other illnesses.

c)  Do not plant any flower plants on top of the tomb unless you want to look for peach blossom to be your companion.

d) Do not plant a big tree next to the tomb as the roots may destroy the coffin beside the soil next to it.

e) The soil on the tomb should not be concave in as this will collect and tend to cause cough or lung related complications. It must be rectified immediately.

f) If the siting of the tomb befalls on the annual afflictions, it is deemed inauspicious for burials. Special Yin Feng Shui techniques will need to be employed to avert disasters falling on the deceased's families.

g) Earth God or deity construction must be carefully constructed to avert any undesirable effect on the tomb's physical formation.

h) The appropriate phenomenon will have to manifest itself before the initiation of the tombstone erection takes its course with the chinese compass or luo pan begins its auspicious reading taking.

Magnificent Grave Yard View From The Top

There are many more dos and donts, the above is just a short list to take important note.There are other important considerations such as the soil quality and its immediate surrounding "neighbouring graves" as well as the correct method of burial for a particular chosen grave site. One of the most impressive features of the traditional brick and mortor tomb structure is constructed in a horseshoe shape to retain the 'vital breath within'. Inscription on the front tomb tablet are birth and death dates of the founding ancestor and also includes special honours achieved during their lifetime.


Also, the construction of an armchair or omega-shaped tombs placed in the Feng Shui protective embrace of Green Dragon and White Tiger can be an expensive affair and affordable only to the wealthy groups.


Feng shui techniques have been applied to increase the flow of positive qi and to create harmony in the world of living. Special Calculations are made to harness the good and bad directions suitable for different groups of people and similar approaches are used to selecting auspicious site for burial.


Typically, a Feng Shui practitioner will walk around the landscape with a chinese compass or luo pan to plot the correct direction and degrees as accurately as possible. Due to the advent of new technology, modern GPS can be employed to reduce the amount of walking to identify suitable locations for burial. Though new technology is useful to improve efficiency, the skills and experience of the Yin house Feng Shui practitioner is irreplaceable when precise measurement is required.

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